The Lewes Flag


The Lewes flag has no claim to fame except in its decorative and pride expression use in Lewes. It has never flown in any wars that have involved the town nor has it been carried into battle. Its fame is in the decoration and the pride in which it is flown by homowners and merchants in town. The flag was designed by Alan Keffer, a Lewes resident, in 1991 (copyrighted in 1993) with design input from many friends who wanted a town flag. Since its creation, it now proudly flies throughout the town and many surrounding areas. The design was adopted as the official Lewes, Delaware, City Flag on September 13, 2004.

The Seal:

The seal, prominent in the center of the flag, is a version of one of the official seals used in the town of Lewes, England, the namesake and sister city for Lewes, Delaware.

The Flag's Background:

The original Lewes, Delaware settlers embarked from the Netherlands town of Hoorn (on the North sea in the North Holland Province). Before beginning the sea voyage to the New World they sailed South to the fishing town of Veere, in the Zeeland Province of The Netherlands. From there, they loaded necessary provisions and made the voyage to establish the town of Zwannendael (Valley of the Swans). The town was subsequently renamed Lewes, after the same named town in England.

The flag's background was adapted from the flag of the Zeeland Province. As its name implies (translation: Sealand), Zeeland shares Lewes's affinity for the sea. The blue and white undulating background represents the sea, which has always played an important role in Lewes, as it still does, even today.

To Purchase:

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Other places to see the Lewes Flag:

In addition to seeing the Lewes Flag around town, it is also flown over many boats and visiting tall ships, such as the Jolly Rover and Kalmar Nyckel, that sail from Lewes and/or dock at the downtown pier on the canal. The Kalmar Nyckel is seen here docked during one of its visits in the summer of 1998.

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